Takahashi Tsunemesa Office

Painter, Illustrator

1974 in Vienna and Hamburg, studied by Rudolf Hausner and Ernst Fuchs.(-’78)
1993 ‘Art Works by Tsunemasa Takahashi’ published by Tokuma-shoten



彫刻 Sculpture

Early-stage investment company




Tsunemasa Takahashi’s sculptures seem to be made in the image of the form envisioned by the artist, which is a change from his paintings. The human body, which is so solid in his paintings, is carefully crafted with a generous sense of form in his sculptures. The characteristic figure, which is somewhere between a human and an animal, gives an overall classical impression, perhaps due to the artist’s interest in ethnicity. They will give the impression of softness and harmony with nature, without being overpowering, while still living in the modern age.