Takahashi Tsunemesa Office

Painter, Illustrator

1974 in Vienna and Hamburg, studied by Rudolf Hausner and Ernst Fuchs.(-’78)
1993 ‘Art Works by Tsunemasa Takahashi’ published by Tokuma-shoten




takahashi tsunemasa






Unlike the other works in this series, there seem to be a number of images on the screen. However, they influence each other and tell a story like a series of streams.

It is important to note that although the paintings are abstract, the individual images of the objects, people, and animals depicted in the paintings can be traced. The sense in which they are placed can also be traced back to classical painting. The technique of painstakingly writing like Magritte and Rousseau, and collaging like Picasso, also shows respect for the history of painting.

The abstracted works also have generous forms and light colors. The images of written characters, lines extending from something or other, and images that seem to symbolically indicate a thought process, also provide clues that give us a sense that what the artist is depicting is indeed present, while borrowing aspects of abstract painting.