Takahashi Tsunemesa Office

Painter, Illustrator

1974 in Vienna and Hamburg, studied by Rudolf Hausner and Ernst Fuchs.(-’78)
1993 ‘Art Works by Tsunemasa Takahashi’ published by Tokuma-shoten



バベットの晩餐会 ジークレーの販売開始

バベットの晩餐会 ”Babette’s Feast.” 2023




We are thrilled to announce the sale of the Japanese contemporary artist Tsunemasa Takahashi’s replica artwork of the Japanese poster for the movie “Babette’s Feast.” This piece originates from the original poster created for the Japanese release of the Danish film “Babette’s Feast” in 1987. Takahashi has meticulously recaptured and beautifully reproduced the warmth and deep human love that are emblematic of the movie, utilizing his unique sensitivity to reinterpret the scene.

The replica offered for sale is produced using the cutting-edge technology of DNP (Dai Nippon Printing), ensuring fidelity to the original artwork’s color, texture, and intricate details. This technology enables the delicate expressions and depth of colors in the original painting to be faithfully transferred to the replica, conveying the original’s charm to viewers without compromise.

Tsunemasa Takahashi is a contemporary artist known for his unique approach that encourages dialogue with the viewer. His works are highly regarded both in Japan and internationally. The replica of “Babette’s Feast” poster is not only a special art piece for fans of the movie but also for art lovers and collectors, representing a unique intersection of movie and art.

This replica brings to life the richness, joy, and depth of human relationships depicted in “Babette’s Feast.” Crafted by Takahashi, this artwork provides a heartwarming experience to viewers and adds vibrant colors to daily life.


Priced at 180,000 yen (excluding tax), this replica is part of a limited edition of only 30 pieces, enhancing its rarity and the joy of ownership. The limited edition replica of the Japanese poster for “Babette’s Feast” by Tsunemasa Takahashi offers a rare opportunity to appreciate a unique expression at the intersection of film and art.

With only 30 editions available worldwide, this piece is a must-have for those who value uniqueness and artistic worth in their collection. Each replica, promising a faithful reproduction of the original through DNP’s advanced technology, includes Takahashi’s signature and the edition number, making it an irresistible item for art collection connoisseurs.

This artwork celebrates the charm of “Babette’s Feast” and honors Tsunemasa Takahashi’s artistry while adding depth to the collections of art enthusiasts. The price of 180,000 yen (excluding tax) reflects its rarity and artistic value, ensuring that this limited edition of 30 pieces will appreciate over time.
The purchase is available online via the link below.

Babette’s Feast for sale

For those interested in international shipping, please feel free to inquire about shipping costs and arrangements. This is a unique opportunity to rediscover the beauty of “Babette’s Feast” and to celebrate the artistry of Tsunemasa Takahashi, making a valuable addition to any art lover’s collection.

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