Takahashi Tsunemesa Office

Painter, Illustrator

1974 in Vienna and Hamburg, studied by Rudolf Hausner and Ernst Fuchs.(-’78)
1993 ‘Art Works by Tsunemasa Takahashi’ published by Tokuma-shoten



涙墨画 Ruibokuga

Japanese paper, ink, watercolor paint
画材である和紙、墨、水彩絵の具の偶然性を見つめて、 ”描く“ というよりも絵の具のカオスに任せる技法です。

Tear Sumi Ink Painting” is a genre born from the reverse idea of creating beautiful works of art in which the ink flows like tears. The artist looks at the accidental nature of the painting materials (Japanese paper, sumi ink, and watercolors) to create a work of art that is more like the chaos of the paint than a “painting.
The technique is to let the chaos of the paints take over rather than to “paint” them. The speed at which he creates his works is fast, and his creativity is such that he can produce as many as 10 paintings in a day. There may have been some failures, but new discoveries can emerge from them. The beauty created by leaving things to chance is one of the charms of teardrop ink painting.

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