Takahashi Tsunemesa Office

Painter, Illustrator

1974 in Vienna and Hamburg, studied by Rudolf Hausner and Ernst Fuchs.(-’78)
1993 ‘Art Works by Tsunemasa Takahashi’ published by Tokuma-shoten



見つめられた景色 Landscape





The compositional spacing is reminiscent of Munch, Klimt, and Ukiyoe, and the entire picture is clean and clear, soft yet easy to grasp the space. Whether it is the mental landscape of Tsunemasa Takahashi or the result of his long study of art, this series of paintings, which are well-crafted in every corner, is very comfortable to see.

Even when looking at the landscapes, they incorporate interesting compositions such as side-by-side compositions, large foregrounds, and the creation of spaces that look like color planes, but with a reality that makes you feel as if you are really walking in that place. The detailed scattering of colors and other details are also very light and comfortable. The fact that the artist depicts the place where he lives and the things he sees, but puts another image on top of it, is evidence that he is always thinking about his paintings and his works.

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